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re: last post and happiness

the last post might've sounded like life and wedding's all doom and gloom for us. that is not so. we still find time for dates, simply hanging out by ourselves or with friends and the like. as well, these precious moments where we can't believe we're together and loved and going to be married are plentiful. God's sprinkling many drops of nourishing rain and much sunshine on us.

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18 days

18 more days to go. Carol and I have been saying lately that we just want this whole thing to be over and that we're not really looking forward to the day. But I think we still do. We just want the stress and uncertainty to go away. I'm sure the actual day will be enjoyable.

18 more days. This week will go buy quickly while we're trying to wrap up a few things. So will next week and then my parents and siblings are going to be here and the wedding day will come in no time. It's hard to believe we'll be married so soon. I'm sure it will only really sink in once everything is over and we start the daily routines of our new live together.

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new home

i'm all moved into our new apartment. i can't believe that in only 3 months carol is going to move in with me. it feels nice and strange at the same time but i'm sure it will end up being the most natural thing in the world.

we finally got some space now. it feels nice being able to walk around the apartment instead of hitting a wall or furniture after 4 steps. it is nice to have a living area to entertain people. i hardly ever had anyone over at my old place cause it was boring and there was simply very little space. now we can finally have friends over.

it feels nice to have an office/music room/work room. finally i'll be able to keep a good chunk of my gear setup so when i feel like brainstorming/recording/composing i can simply sit down at the computer and go at it. when carol moves in that room will also be able to accommodate her sewing tools so we can work away beside each other.

it's good to have friends to help with the move. i doubt we could've done this without them. but what's even better is having the future in-laws offer help wherever they could and help wherever they could. when the moving van u-haul gave me was too small for my stuff and we had to leave half of my stuff somewhere they offered up their living room. when i needed a place to sleep for two nights they offered up their home and when it came to move in to the new place they helped us a lot with the loading/unloading and drove one load of stuff while we were moving stuff into the new place. i'm looking forward to becoming closer with them.

i have to leave now to pick up carol and go to church. it's nice it only takes 10-15 minutes to carol's place now instead of half an hour.

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Today I finalized our catering. We are going with Daniel et Daniel which is the preferred vendor for our venue. It will be simple "grazing tables" with delicious food. We went their yesterday and Jake (our contact person) gave us free dinner takeout since they don't do tastings for grazing table stuff. So we had it for dinner last night and it was delicious. I'm looking forward to actually seeing and tasting the stuff at the wedding.

Additionally we'll have friends supplying cakes and desserts and a coffee bar. Most likely we won't have any alcohol.

One more big item down. A few more (slightly smaller ones) to go...

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carol is awesome

no, really, she is...

as our friends at natalie & daniel been talking about, once you're married you'll be dividing up the work. this is great especially since i horribly suck at a few things.

one example is cleaning my place. now i don't really mind vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, wiping surfaces, etc. the thing though is that i'm terrible at sorting stuff and getting stuff in its proper place. often this prevents me from doing the actual cleaning. the awesome thing is that carol goes nuts about sorting and loves it but dislikes vacuuming and cleaning bathrooms. what a great combination.

another thing is money. i suck with money. to me money is there to be spent. i also realize you gotta save but i don't find it easy to do. carol's much much more frugal and rational when it comes to money so i'm looking forward to having joint accounts and her taking care of the finances (and having to ask her first whether our budget allows a purchase or not).

of course she's awesome in many, many other ways. i can't wait to be married to her.

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we will blow up

Wow that countdown makes me think of BOMBS. and when it reaches zero, we'll BLOW UP. (are government agencies reading this?)

anyhow, the preparations are going. i spent the "march break" putting together invitations. the ones for the people in town are pretty much done; but now we just need addresses for people out of town. our reception venue is quite small, so it' a bit of a nuisance - not quite a nightmare, just a nuisance - to try to fit everyone in, what with all the people that we are obligated to invite -_- so, we regret, we cannot invite the world to our wedding.

our honeymoon is booked! woohoo! we are going to cuba! looks great, will be extremely hot, lots of beach lounging. please pray that we don't get hit by a hurricane!

catering is getting sorted out. we've somewhat settled on a menu and we just need to have a tasting meeting with the caterer. then we'll confirm the menu and rentals. mmm food. and also, if anyone is interested in showing off their culinary skills, we are asking friends and family to bring desserts that they've made. there will be cakes, a cheesecake, meringues, and who can forget the wedding cake which jen has so graciously offered to make for us!

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